Select the topics that matter most to you! Over the course of the Summit, four rounds of Discussion Sessions will take place. You will have the opportunity to choose your preferred Roundtable Discussion Sessions for a 60-minute interactive Q&A, hosted by a world-class manufacturer and a technology expert.

Streams include: Enterprise Stream (manufacturers over £100m revenue) and Growth Stream (manufacturers under £100m revenue)


What has been the number 1 reason B2B organisations have pivoted to digital commerce? And why are they looking into modern, composable commerce today? The way B2B buyers research, order and engage with suppliers has changed. Today, millennials, who according to McKinsey, represent 90% of the buyers, are the driving force behind B2B digitisation and expect B2C-like experiences, frictionless ordering and more meaningful relationships with suppliers. So, how can B2B companies, especially manufacturers, address this shift? And what’s the role of composable commerce in achieving this goal? If you’re looking for answers to these questions, join us to explore how B2Bs can use composable commerce to quickly digitise to differentiate and grow.

·   What’s composable commerce, and why does it matter to B2B?
·   How complex and costly is composable commerce?
·   How can manufacturers benefit from composable commerce, and how can they get started?

In the complex world of Industry 4.0, how do you navigate an ever-evolving landscape of relationships with distributors, wholesalers, dealers, agents, OEMs, and other partner types? Is your outdated digital experience slowing partnerships’ growth? Is your visibility into GTM strategies cloudy and is the ROI of your marketing spend not meeting expectations? 

. How are you currently managing relationships with distributors, suppliers and other partners? 

. Has lack of coordination with partners impacted you breaking into new markets and reaching new customers? 

. How does your technology affect and drive revenue for partners? 

Competitiveness is everything to manufacturers and much-needed gains in efficiency and profitability will have to be achieved through automation and new process innovations. Secure, reliable, wireless industrial-grade connectivity leveraging Wi-Fi6, Private 4G/5G, and IoT is not only key to enhancing and enabling these advances, but is the glue between the OT environment and the digital environment.
What are you doing to make sure your devices and systems talk to each other?
What do you do when you’ve got so many devices and so much data?
And how are you making sure it’s all secure?

Reduce response times, reduce errors, enhance the customer experience, and lower costs with Field Service Automation

86% of decision-makers at companies with field service teams believe the teams are critical to growing the business. Yet all too often customer experiences are often let down by slow response times, inadequately skilled technicians, and inconsistent maintenance schedules. In this session, we’ll discuss:

·  Reduce response times through remote and superior in-person maintenance

·  Reduce errors and costs with better compliance measures and more efficient resource management.

·  Enhance the customer experience by equipping technicians with the tools and skills for success.

With an energy transition driven by climate change, a near-permanent shortage of talent and AI pointing towards a future few can predict nor plan for, Manufacturing leaders are moving change and alignment at the top of their agenda. But in an ever-changing political environment, there is a need for a paradigm shift in how engineering and manufacturing businesses approach these challenges and opportunities. In this session, we will discuss how organisations can broaden innovation beyond R&D, become more effective through collaboration across functions and generations, and align their organisations to navigate the coming transformations successfully. 

. How do you tap into the innovation potential of your people? 

. What steps are you taking to make your business more attractive to future talent? 

. The problem of alignment isn’t new. What new approaches are you trying or have tried with success? 

The Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit was rich in content and discussion and really thought provoking on how we can accelerate the rate of change needed to meet the demands of the future – with sustainability and innovation front and centre.

– Natalie Watson, Group Head of Sustainability, The Vita Group

Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit is part of The Manufacturer Live, a series of award-winning events in Liverpool during November produced by The Manufacturer to champion the sector, promote innovation and recognise achievement. Click here for more information on The Manufacturer Live events.