Gilmar Wendt

CEO & Change Companion

Gilmar Wendt is a business design strategist known for his interdisciplinary approach that brings together various professionals to transform businesses. His three guiding principles are: change is collaborative, success is achieved through incremental steps, and sustainability is ensured when everyone benefits. He is the founder and CEO of GW+Co, the multi-awarded creative change consultancy for engineers and makers. GW+Co’s transformative process focuses on creating a sense of belonging, alignment, and growth among teams, leading to positive transformations in businesses like amsOSRAM, Control Techniques, CoinShares, Identec Solutions, Lenzing Group, Peel Hunt, Zumtobel Group These transformations help companies find their unique voice, foster collaborative cultures, and become effective and authentic in their impact. GW+Co is international with offices based in London and Germany.