Over the years we have seen many shifts in emphasis in the discussions that take place at the summit and this year we are focussing our attention on sustainable growth through digitalisation with an emphasis on supply chain resilience and agility, skills availability and the heavily interwoven digitalisation and sustainability.

The recent events have demonstrated beyond doubt that a more digitalised, roboticised and automated operation is the only way of safeguarding the future.

Key discussion topics to be addressed include:

Manufacturing Growth 

  • Building a Sustainable Digital Transformation Strategy – discover best practices for successful digital transformation and the common barriers that prevent it.
  • Lean Manufacturing – operate with as many resources as you need to succeed – and no more. 
  • New Business Models – shaping more resilient, sustainable and inclusive ways of creating value to all stakeholders.
  • Energy Reduction and Management – harnessing digital to drive energy reduction and efficiency.
  • Building Digital Talent – upskilling to gain new skills and reskilling to keep up with the advancements in technology and to take on new roles.
  • Data Driven Supply Chains – supply chain quality management based on the collection and analysis of product information from every important point of production.
  • Operational Excellence – adopt a mindset of problem solving, teamwork, and top-line growth.
  • Supply Chain Agility and Resilience – respond to the changes in the environment, customer preferences, competitive forces etc.

Manufacturing Innovation

  • Advanced/Predictive Analytics – access, understand and query your data to improve efficiency, reduce costs and embed a culture of data-driven decision making,
  • IT/OT Convergence – Integrate digital and physical systems
  • Automation and Robotics – improve efficiency, speed, quality and performance.
  • AI/Machine Learning  – automate processes, build smart operations that can reduce cost overheads and downtime.
  • Edge Computing – automate factory floor and supply chain processes through advanced robotics and machine-to-machine communication closer to the source.
  • 5G/Connectivity – enable industrial automation and the control of robots, smart factory solutions and end-to-end tracking of material and goods.
  • Net Zero and Carbon Footprint Reduction – what actions can you take within your business to make a real difference?
  • Digital Twin – gives you insights into all aspects of your production line and manufacturing process.


Identify sustainable digitalisation objectives and formulate a strategy

Which technologies to adopt now and which can wait

Make data-driven decisions to improve overall efficiency and reduce costs

Faster problem solving ensuring less downtime and better quality

An efficient sustainable supply chain with optimised logistics & distribution

Use of simulations – ‘What-if’ scenarios

Drive cost savings through efficient energy management

Build digital talent to accelerate sustainable digitalisation